The Victoria Prestige Academy is a non-profit organization with a mission to provide the orphans of Baja California Mexico the opportunity to participate in the same extracurricular activities as Victoria did.


These activities include but may not be limited to Rhythmic Gymnastics, Acrobatics, Cirque production, Music, and Arts.


Our believe is that extracurricular activities prevent the youth from developing negative habits and prevents teenagers from getting into trouble. Furthermore each and every child is gifted with their own unique capabilities which requires development in order for every person to reach their full capacity and achievements.


Every instructor at the Victoria Prestige Academy is a professional at what they offer and we strive to push each person to their maximum achievements. In order to attract the very best instructors and teachers, it requires funding.


The reason for this project is death of my daughter Victoria Valentina Zubkis, who was murdered by 4 men with one of them being her former boyfriend. Victoria was an athlete and fought back very hard when they’ve tried to rape her.


They’ve killed her and threw her body into the ocean near Ocean Beach in San Diego.


Victoria was a person of many talents. She had excelled in everything she did. She had about 15 gold and silver medals in Rhythmic Gymnastics. At 4 years old Victoria started professional training as the Rhythmic Gymnast and at 8 she had performed with Cirque du Soleil stars former gymnastics world champions.


Victoria’s hobbies and interests were Mixed Marshal Arts, Swimming, Singing, Dancing, Piano Playing, Painting, Sculpture. Victoria was extremely creative when it came to arts and crafts as well. Victoria was well read and knew a lot about a lot of things, such as music history and literature among other things.


There is nothing and nobody in this world that could replace my Victoria and life without her will never be the same, however I strongly believe into that she can see everything that we do, and is laughing at us, because she is having much better time than all of us as put together


As the result of my irreplaceable loss I’ve decided to open Victoria Prestige Academy, where children who has been abandoned by their parents or don’t have parents at all would be given the opportunity to be involved in the same extracurricular activities that Vica was involved.


In addition to the extracurricular activities, Victoria Prestige Academy will be very well secured to prevent drugs, alcohol, tobacco and anything else that could physically or emotionally hurt children.


Children who are not doing well in regular school will be provided with tutoring that will help them to excel in regular schools as well.


The model for the Victoria Prestige Academy was inspired by a community institution that was a hallmark achievement of the former Soviet Union, “THE PALACE OF PIONEERS”.


Under this system, irrespective of socio-economic status all children had access to advanced level extracurricular programs in the fine and performing arts, and instruction in music lessons and history, with an emphasis on learning to play all instruments, ballet, drama, literature, and science. Athletic programs include Rhythmic Gymnastics, Ballet, Tennis, Equestrian skills, and Archery.


Teachers were a community resource and possessed special credentials or experience, providing assistance with everything from daily preparation of homework to specializing in assisting children with average or below average grades while also mentoring children in order for them to achieve their maximum abilities. A strong code of ethics and social conduct is adhered to.


We consider that the most important part of our institution, the way children grow with the proper quality of people and education, reason why we reunite a group of professionals to encourage this achievement, for all these extracurricular activities like swimming, mixed martial arts, rhythmic gymnastics, arts and more