Rhythmic Gymnastics

Victoria mother Alla Zubkis the founder of San Diego Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy … the first Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy in San Diego, which was open for Victoria and her sister Maxim to learn rhythmic gymnastics.


Victoria’s mother come from the dynasty of Rhythmic Gymnastics coaches. Alla’s aunt Galina was the 1st. Rhythmic Gymnastics coach in Eastern region of the Soviet Union. Alla’s mother Valentina, was the first Rhythmic Gymnastics student in the Eastern region of the Soviet Union.

Artistic Gymnastics

Vitaly Scherbo – 6 Amazing Gymnastic Golds | Barcelona 1992 Olympics – will run artistic Gymnastics.

Cirque Style Production

Anatoliy Myagkoustoupov, and his son Vladik will run Cirque Style Production department of the Academy.

Swimming Lessons

Lenny Krayzelburg
Four-time Olympic gold medalist, will be in charge of the swimming department of the academy.

Mixed Martial Arts

The mixed martial arts will be managed by Dennis Warner.

Additional Programs

music, arts and crafts, singing, dancing, theatrical productions, educational after school programs will be managed by Cesar Hank, the Director of Culture of Baja California


Cesar Hank Inzunza – Director of Culture of Baja California and President and CEO of Victoria Entertainment & Media Resorts will make sure that the Academy has the best teachers and the curriculum meeting standards of the best art and music schools, such as teaching kids to play the Vica’s instrument of choice – the piano, as well as teaching kids to play  other musical instruments, music history, music literature, singing, painting, Performing in the Cirque and the Theater, teach kids languages, arts and crafts.